Silly Season Sangria

There is a Sangria for every occasion- every holiday and every season. You simply customize the colors of the fruit to coincide with the theme of the party!

We all know the holiday season can get a little nutty. So, in honor of the hectic holiday season there is Silly Season Sangria!

Items Needed:

Large bottle of White wine

2 apples

1 orange

1 pomegranite

8 oz fresh cranberries

Triple Sec


1 liter club soda

large beverage dispenser

Step 1

Cut 2 Smitten Apples (or any type) into cubes.

Slice 1 Orange.

Slice 1 Pomegranite.

Step 2 

Pour a large bottle of Chardonnay or any white wine into the drink dispenser.


Step 2


Step 3

Add 1 cup of brandy.


Step 3

Step 4

Add 1/2 cup triple sec.



Step 5

Add all fruit to drink mixture. Let soak for a couple of hours or even overnight in the refrigerator.

Step 6

Scoop out some of the fruit and put aside in a bowl. Then add club 1 liter of club soda AT the time you are ready to serve the drink. Keep the bowl of fruit next to dispenser to top of the cup of holiday cheer! Enjoy!image


Use Your Tree Trimmings for Decoration

When you trim your tree keep the clippings!

Evergreen clippings can be used in various ways for holiday decorating – on a table, mantle, swags or bouquets – inside or outside. You can easily dress them up or enjoy their simple, natural beauty.

Step 1

Sort the evergreens. You can mix the different types for a variety of color, shape and size of needle or use one type of evergreen for uniformity.

Step 2 img_4865
Lay out each branch so you can see its natural shape. Once you lay the second branch on top of the first you can determine the size you want for your third. img_4866

Depending on how or where you’re displaying the swag or bouquet you may want to add more branches.

Step 3

Prepare to tie the three branches together a couple of inches from the bottom. Garden string is good but you can also use zip ties, string or a rubber-band will work too. img_4868
Now is a good time to trim the evergreens for shape.

Step 4
Spray snow time! Give it a good shaking.

Have an approach with the spray snow before you start. Do you want a heavier spray throughout the top half or just on the tips? There’s no wrong way.

And remember if there’s wind outside, spray down-wind… The spray will definitely dampen a cheery mood if it gets in your eyes.

Step 5img_4870
Let it dry for 10 minutes.

Step 6
Decide if you want to keep the greens natural and simple or if you want to dress them up a little by adding some ornamental balls or pinecones, etc. If you are putting them in a vase for display, add water to prevent them from drying out quickly.

Then put your new decoration on display!

Little Things Make A Big Difference

It’s the little things that make a big difference. Right?

Simple things around your home or even in the kitchen can be a lovely addition to your holiday décor!



Mercury glass bowl with holiday floral picks



A glass bowl, tall clear glass vase, footed cake and apothecary jars – big and small, are all great to use.


Christmas balls and citrus



Use any variety of filler: Christmas balls, replacement bulbs, potpourri, peppermints, citrus fruits, berries, pinecones.


Silver bowl with pinecones and Christmas balls


They are all fun and festive ways to add more color to a room!jar-of-replacement-bulbs

Adding snow spray is another simple way to add a finishing touch…the options are endless! Just have fun!



Mercury glass bowl with balls and decorative garland



The Tradition of the Christmas Pickle

pickle  Have you noticed the pickle ornament while out shopping for your tree trimmings and holiday décor? Do you know its meaning?

The Christmas Pickle is actually a German tradition that many have adopted for their tree. It is a fun game and tradition to have with your family for the years to come!

Following an Old World custom, parents waited until Christmas Eve to hide a small pickle ornament on the Christmas tree, tucking it deeply out of sight among the branches.

On Christmas morning, the first family member to find the pickle hidden in the brush was the winner and awarded with a special blessing for the coming year. In addition, the winner received the first gift from under the tree!

Spice Up Your Garland


When you take your evergreen garland out from the box of annual holiday decorations it may look a little sad. It might even look a little thinner than you remembered once on your mantle.

Good news, it’s fixable! If you want to add lights to the garland now is the best time before we begin adding to it.


Step 1
First try gently separating the branches and give it some fluffing. This helps to fill it out a little.

Step 2

Then add several bright holiday picks throughout the garland especially in areas where there may be gaps. You’ll immediately notice the additional fullness.

It’s fun to change them every year too! There’s always new trendy colors in holiday picks and it keeps your holiday decor looking fresh.

Step 3

garlandstep3pineconesAdd a few pinecone holiday picks. Sometimes choosing picks with pinecones that vary in size helps with added dimension.

Step 4
Get festive and add some ornaments: Solids, textured, glittered. Shatterproof also helps to avoid messy clean up. Bows or ribbon are an elegant addition too and Kindy’s Christmas Factory Outlet has a large selection!


Look at how these simple additions transform the garland!

The Importance of a Beautiful Wreath

A beautifully decorated wreath on the front door is a warm welcome to your guests all season long.


Create a warm welcome!

If your wreath is looking a little flat and drab, just fluff it! Try creating additional fullness by gently separating the branches slightly and fluffing the needles.


A little color adds a lot of pop!

Add color and flare!
Holiday stems and picks are a quick and easy way to add fullness and color to your wreath. They are also a huge time-saver in creating your own wreath! Kindy’s has a full selection of wreaths, bows, stems and holiday picks!


Don’t be afraid to be creative! 


Picks add fullness.

Illuminate your door using battery operated Little Lites on your wreath. Little Lites are available at Kindy’s in green or white wire too!